miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017

How to obtain the language in the browser and externalice with it in Angular 2?

Hi everybody!

Here we comes with another question.

Today the theme is Angular 2, Javascript and the navigator class.

With this code we will obtain the language from the browser:

loadLanguage() {
  let idioma = navigator.language;
  if(idioma === 'ca' || idioma == 'es' || idioma == 'gl' || idioma == 'va' || idioma == 'eu' || idioma == 'en' || idioma == 'fr') {
    this.idioma = idioma;
  } else {
    this.idioma = "en";

Navigator is a Javascript class that returns the language and other interesting things.

Show the nagivator object with console.log(navigator); to see what are you interested in.

Another question related with this theme is to externalice the content of your web in Angular2.

For do that I pass you my example code:

This method loads the dictionary with all the traductions and the possible languages:

loadDictionary() {
  this.dictionary = { titol: {ca: 'El Temps a Espanya!', es: '¡El Tiempo en España!', en: 'The Weather in Spain!', fr: 'String1InSpanish', gl: 'O tempo en España!', va: 'El Temps a Espanya!', eu: 'Eguraldia Espainian!'}, descripcio: { ca: 'Troba les prediccions meteorològiques de tots els municipis espanyols durant els propers quatre dies.', es: 'Encuentra las prediciones meteorológicas de todos los municipios españoles durante los próximos cuatro días.', en: 'Find weather forecasts for all Spanish municipalities over the next four days.', fr: 'Trouvez les prévisions météo pour toutes les municipalités espagnoles au cours des quatre prochains jours.', gl: 'Atopar as previsións do tempo para todos os municipios españois durante os próximos catro días.', va: 'Troba les prediccions meteorològiques de tots els municipis espanyols durant els propers quatre dies.', eu: 'Aurki eguraldi Espainiako udalerri guztietako iragarpenak hurrengo lau egunetan zehar.'} };

This method obtaions the translation of a key string in a language:

getTranslation(inStringId: string, inLanguageId: string) {
  let labelTexts = this.dictionary[inStringId];
  let translation;
  if (labelTexts) { translation = labelTexts[inLanguageId]; }
  if (translation == null) {
    translation = inStringId;
    console.error(inStringId + ' has no defined text for language ' + inLanguageId);
  return translation;

And this method loads the texts you need in your web:

loadTexts() {
  this.titol = this.getTranslation("titol", this.idioma);
  this.descripcio = this.getTranslation("descripcio", this.idioma);

This is my way! There are another possibilities! For any questio, don't doubt ask me!

Try it and have fun!