lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

Use cases of this.http.get in Angular 2

Hi everybody!!!

Here we comes with news explanations! Today the theme is how to use the sentence this.http.get! When use on one way or another? And why?

The question you have to do is... do you want a Sincron or Asincron call?

A Sincron call is when you want that the process occurs in the main thread. On this way, the sequence of the next process don't occurs until the call finish.

For do a Sincron call, you have to do the call like this:

this.http.get(url).map( data => data.json() )

This sentence will return a json data file. If you want to return a content file (binary or others types) you have to change data.json() call by data.text().

An Asincron call is when you want to create a new thread from the main thread. On this way, the senquence of the next process will continue and our thread will continue on parallel.

For do an Asincron call, you have to do the call like this:



  data => = data.json(),

  err => this.handleError,

  () => {console.log('complete call') /*do something when finish*/}


This sentence will process an Asincron call and you can do want you want with the data json file obtained on the complete pass. This call is used in the onInit of the component normally and usually loads a data json file necessary for something on the application (a data project information, a data language properties or what you need or want).

I hope you have found interesting this article.

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Try it and have fun!